Development Plan

To be updated

The Parish Council’s budget is the money received from the Parish Precept so any planned actions or development undertaken has to be carefully costed.

Therefore the Parish Council produces a development plan to set out what areas are currently being considered for improvement / development. The PC is happy for residents in the community to put forward suggestions to be included in the plan. Any suggestions can be made by telephoning a councillor or writing to the clerk. You may then be invited to attend a meeting to add additional input about your suggestion.

The current Plan in progress is:

Topic Where When/timescale What proposed Lead Councillor
Play equipment for younger children; fenced area Campsall Park Within 1 year Provide a set of equipment aimed at younger children ; partnership with ‘Friends of C Park’ Task group established

A Adams
C Wilson
M Morgan

New play equipment in three playground areas Ryecroft/West End Road/High Street 2-3 years? Replace /Refurbish as required existing play equipment with designed areas and varied units A Adams
C Wilson
M Morgan
Footpaths and public access Campsall Country Park On-going Partnership with DMBC and FOCCP to improve sections of footpath; 20M raised path at most needy area; continuing developments around lake/woodland J Shaw
C Wilson
M Morgan
J Gilliver
‘Save the Old Bells pub’ Campsall Long term project


Create Community Pub/facility; apply for Heritage Lottery Funds to re-furbish and split into smaller commercial/community uses including a smaller pub facility Local Group


Trees Beech Rd, Grange Rd, East View Campsall Autumn 2016 Large grassed area to be planted with trees ?
Parish Pump High Street Norton Autumn 2016 Maintenance D Telford


Speed Signs High Street/West End Rd, Norton Asap Request installation of  flashing vehicle speed signs M Morgan/D Telford
Improvements Back Lane, Campsall From summer 2016
  • • Councillors meet with Back Lane Residents Group
  • • Involve DMBC officer Mark Lucas (and Richard Ward- drains)
  • • Consider what needs attention
  • • Consider path
J Shaw
C Wilson
M Morgan
Verges High Street, Norton 2016
  • • Seek advice/information from DMBC highways officer
  • • Draft proposals
  • • Consult with all relevant residents
  • • Install barriers/re-furbish grass or create parking areas
M Morgan
J Atkins
Village Fair Campsall Country Park Summer 2017 (and perhaps become an annual event)
  • • Instigate a three villages event to be held in CCP
  • • Include Sport (eg running, tug ‘o’ war for adults) Mixed sports for children
  • • Brass band
  • • ‘Best of’ competitions eg garden produce, flower arranging, pets)
Form a Project Group from PCouncillors, FOCCP, DMBC Councillors, WI, Running Club,
Footpaths and public access Junction of Norton Common Road / A19 Initial contact with Highways etc late spring 2016. Permissions etc and agreed work by Spring 2017
  • • Altered placement of 30mph signs to include houses opp Assetwell
  • • Warning signs southbound
  • • Junction warning moved further s. on northbound
A Adams
M Morgan
D Telford